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Destroying The Limits

Go beyond your expectations and reach your full potential.

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About Us

I began a journey that introduced me to various ways of improving life.

It started with food choices. Working in restaurants I realised that having a love of food can be a good or bad thing.

Some choices can make you sluggish, less alert and less likely to be motivated.

Or you can still have amazing food that packs you full of energy, enthusiasm, and drive. 

How we treat ourselves will impact how we rise and how we end our day.

Exercise is not only good for the body but for a productive and restful body and mind.

Take the challenge. Give your body and mind what it really needs to excel. Let everyone know you are DESTROYING THE LIMITS.

Destroying the Limits Apparel represents the best of ALL of YOU.

Eldon D. Peters

Founder & Proprietor